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Alberta’s political culture is broken, and we need to fix it. We are deeply divided, with out-moded Left or Right adversarial political options.  Each side has a self-interested, influential, and powerful Base.  

To fix this broken system requires citizens who are accurately informed, effectively engaged and assertively active in pressing for positive change.  We need to Reboot Alberta. 

Alberta Citizens, not Political Partisans, must take back Control of our provincial political agenda.  We must Delete political power from anyone who is not a Servant Leader. We must co-create inclusive Alternatives and remove the dogmatic forces that are undermining our social cohesion.  We need to Reboot Alberta.

This will take the combined and coordinated efforts of some serious citizens with some combination of time to spare, talent to commit and treasure to contribute.  

I know money is tight these days but the need to protect, preserve and Alberta’s democracy is urgent and important.  Please start your citizenship renewal journey with a donation to Reboot Alberta so, together, we can Build a Better Alberta.

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