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Reboot Alberta emerged in 2009 because Moderate and Progressive citizens were concerned about the hard-right direction in Alberta’s political culture.  A series of four Gatherings encouraged citizen engagement and political action based on progressive policy values. The motivation was to stand up to the divisive and rising social fundamentalist and fiscal-hawk austerity influences taking over Alberta.


Reboot was inspired by Control-Alt-Delete keystrokes to reboot a “frozen” computer. The idea was that Alberta politics was either stalled or taking a backward direction because of aggressive right-wing activists or passive status quo mainstream complacency.

Progressive Alberta citizens need to take back political Control, provide a future-forward Alternative mindset, and Delete any dangerous political and religious ideologies that don’t work anymore.


The Alberta Party emerged from the original Reboot Alberta gatherings.  What also emerged back then, was a renewed consciousness about the importance of nonpartisan citizenship.  There were not enough resources to continue the citizenship work so Reboot Alberta went inert…until the concentration of hard-right political ideology of the United Conservative Party and the April 2019 election campaign results.

The deeply divisive hyperpartisanship of the Left versus Right Alberta political culture has pressured the need to revive the Reboot Alberta Moderate and Progressive citizenship initiative.   With all the political noise there is a renewed need to curate accurate and reliable information.  We see the need for a place for sharing opinions and comments on issues and events.  There is a pressing need to expose and oppose disinformation and unethical actions in Alberta’s political culture.

I hope you will subscribe and be a part of an Assertive Progressive Pragmatic contribution to creating a more forward-thinking Alberta political culture.

Join us and welcome to Reboot Alberta where we put Engaged Citizenship ahead of Partisanship in Pressing for Change in Alberta’s political culture.

Ken Chapman

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