Is Democratic Reform an Alberta Ballot Box Issue?


We are less than a year away from the next “Fixed Election Date.” Of course a new Premier selected by the UCP membership in October can alter that at his or her discretion.

Reboot is interested in Democratic Reform as one of the Key Focus Areas.  That can take many forms from campaign financing, government transparency as well as accountability by political parties and beyond.  One key areas in need of serious Citizenship engagement is electoral reform and replacing the democracy distorting First-Past-the-Post.

This distortion of election results in 2019 are visually and effectively described by the folks at Unlock Democracy Canada.  Here is a link to the results of the 2019 Alberta Election IF it more fairly reflected the actual voting decisions of all participating Albertans.

The UCP won a Majority government with a majority of the votes cast and from a 64% participation of possible voters.  So we can’t argue they didn’t win a majority with a minority of the votes, which is often the case.  But we would have a more dynamic opposition, beyond the Two-Party State we have now.

What will be the results of the 2023 election and will se get a distorted majority government with less than a majority of the votes?  That is usually the case in the First-Past-the-Post electoral system.  We have a history of long-serving one-party states in the Social Credit and Progressive Conservative experiences.   We seem to have evolved beyond that in recent history but there is not guarantee.

We also need to avoid the disaster we see in the States from a Two Party System, which we seem to be evolving into as well.  Minority governments can be more democratic and must be collaborative and, as a result give us better government than we get now.

What do you think?

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