And How Engaged Are You?

Hello Rebooters, It’s been awhile since I posted and shared.

I am reaching out and asking for your help on a major project I’m into – Better Citizenship and Better Voting. I have been working on the next level of the Reboot Citizenship Journey through a Community  Membership model for those Rebooters already in the Effectively Engaged Stage of Citizening but who wish to become more effective in how they exercise the Power of their Citizenship.

We are a year out from the next election.  We need to be more purposeful and intentional about marking our Ballots in this election.  That’s because there is so much uncertainty and instability in our society, our environment, our economy, AND our politics.

So I am asking you for some help in designing a meaningful and useful Community of networked Rebooters. In this short survey I  am asking for some baseline information on your Effective Engagement activities, past, present or even intentional.

Here is a link to the survey!

I will share the aggregated outcomes with the participants first, and of course your email address will only be used my me to communicate with you directly on Reboot issues, ideas and innovations.

Here is some context on the nature of the Reboot Alberta Citizenship Journey, we are all on, whether we realize it overtly or not.  The Stages of the Reboot Citizenship Journey help us personally strive to become Better at Citizening. They are:

  • More Awareness of the political issues, events, or public policy or programs that are of concern to you as an Albertan.
  • Being Better Informed about those aspects of civic life that you care about, being cautious about the quality and reliability of the information you rely on.
  • Effectively Engaged in activities and events happening in your areas of  concern as a supporter, volunteer, donor, or otherwise.
  • Assertively Activated is taking more of a leadership role and some responsibility in coalition with others as you collectively have impact as you Press for Change in the direction and the destination you prefer in your areas of concern.

Thanks for taking the Survey and I promise to be more in touch, more often with meaningful and useful information for you to personally grow and apply the Power of Your Citizenship.

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