Let’s Use the Federal Election & Send Kenney a Message


Well, it’s election time, and what better time to flex some Citizenship muscle! That still doesn’t help answer the questions of where, why, and how to use the Power of your Citizenship to Press for Change.

Think Inside the Box…the Ballot Box

As a place to start your focus, I’ve finally committed to doing a semi-regular Reboot Alberta podcast.  I hope it will be another vehicle for Rebooters to help each of us find our personal political, policy, or program focus.  It’s election time and that is the best of times to flex some citizenship muscle to Press for Change,   Politicians are never more attentive to Citizens than at election time.

Give The Thinking Inside the Ballot Box episode a listen.  Please subscribe, and tell others about the podcast, and especially tell me what you are thinking.  What other topics you would like to hear about to help you along your personal Citizenship Journey?  Leave your comments on the Pod or on the Blog,

Campaigns Matter & Messages Can be Sent.

In the meantime, here is my suggestion on the provincial importance of the Federal election.  We are two years away from the next provincial election. But the Federal election is on September 20th and the local elections are on October 18.  How can we use these elections to send a message to the UCP and *Premier Kenney about their governance and leadership?  I will deal with the local and school board election in another post.

First, Show up and vote.  In a recent Abacus Data survey, 77% of respondents said they “would definitely be voting.” I call BS! That’s the normative answer but never reflects the reality at the Ballot Box.  Let’s make it a reality and show up to vote. The world is run by those who show up.

If 77% of moderate, centrist, pragmatic Albertans showed up to vote in the federal election, some significant change would happen.  Most importantly, in the “Send a Message to Kenney” category, would be able to elect some Liberal and NDP Members of Parliament from Alberta.  Imagine the shake-up that would have in the UCP backrooms.

Let’s Elect some Liberal and NDP MPs

We did it in 2015 when we elected four Liberals.,  We did it in 2019 when we elected an NDP.  Let’s elect at least 5 non-CPC MPs from Alberta in this federal election.  That means re-electing the NDP in Edmonton and reinstating two Liberals in Edmonton, and two more in Calgary.

There are two  “toss-up” ridings identified in both cities with great Liberal candidates.  I believe the NDP seat is secure but only if we show up. That change in Alberta’s representation in the Government of Canada would shake up the UCP and send a message to Kenney.

It is Doable.

Is this possible? Sure it is, with effort.  Look at this graphic.

In the last Federal election, the CPC got 69% of the Alberta vote. Now they have only 46% support.

If the Liberals and NDP concentrate their time, talent, and dollars on the winnable ridings, they can elect MPs.  In addition, the ultra-Libertarian Max Bernier’s People’s Party is cutting into the CPC support with 7% of the voters.  When the Conventional Conservatives, in the Base, are upset, and they are, they don’t vote for some other party, they stay home.

So here is the chance to have some serious Moderate Alberta influence in the Government of Canada and send a message to the Alberta UCP government at the same time. Are you IN? Then Show Up and Vote your Values!

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