Just How Corrupt is the UCP?

On July 27, 2021, over 2 years from the last provincial election, Election Alberta levies $33,500.00 in fines against UCP MLA Devinder Toor, his CFO, and an Alberta Numbered Corporation where he sat as a Director.  Looking at the numbers, range, and extent of the offenses, I guess it is not surprising that it took 2 years to finalize the terms, details, descriptions, extent, and consequences of the political corruption. The illegal election financing activities were both at his Nomination and Election processes.


During his UCP Party nomination contest, and in the April 2019 General Election, Mr. Toor accepted campaign contributions that did not go to his Chief Financial Officer.  He accepted prohibited contributions from 2082146 Alberta Ltd, current and former directors including himself.  He exceeded his Nomination Campaign expense limits.  He filed false Nomination Contests Financial Statements and failed to deposit campaign contributions into his campaign bank account.

Sahib Bhakri, the Toor CFO was also found guilty and fined for corruption, at both Nomination and election stages. In the Nomination stage, he failed to keep records of revenues and expenses, failed to deposit contributions in the campaign bank account, issue proper receipts or vouch for expenses over $25.  He failed to advise the Chief Electoral Officer of a prohibited corporate contribution and he aded an abetted the campaign in exceeding the nomination expense limits.

Parallel findings of corrupt financial activities were found and fined against the same parties during the General Election campaign in the Calgary Falconbridge constituency.  The corporation’s donations, where Candidate Toor was a Director, were also found guilty and fined for making prohibited contributions to the Devinder Toor Nomination and General Election Campaigns.


That’s a hefty set of fines, in aggregate. Will they be paid promptly? Or will the offender drag it out and call for a Judicial Review?
If the latter will they UCP use the Courts as a transparency dodge to evade accountability and taking ethical action.
Will they trot out the tried, tired, but untruthful old saw, saying there’s nothing they should say or do about the sleazy election corruption of their candidate, and now a corrupt MLA, because “it’s before the Courts?”


The next interesting associated issue is what’s the status of the other illegal UCP leadership campaign contribution fines and findings of Elections Alberta?
Most notably are the Kamikaze Campaign contributions skullduggery and misinformation messaging designed to discredit Brian Jean and benefit Jason Kenney. That was sleazy and scuzzy.

Checking the EA site we see those fines were levied in November 2019 and Judicial Reviews were to be heard in September 2020. Ok, Covid is a factor, but not a disqualifying criterion for timely justice. Lots of Video Hearings have been and are being held by the Courts. Why not in these cases?


Then there is the long slow subterranean grid of the RCMP CRIMINAL FRAUD INVESTIGATION into tampering with the UCP leadership voting integrity and PIN number stealing of Party Members.  Was this the handiwork of Kenney Leadership Campaign rogue operatives or his core managers? Who’s idea was it, how was it organized, who executed the scheme? How widespread was it and how did it work?  What level of involvement did Kenney have personally in all of this sordid election corruption?

Where the hell is that RCMP investigation at now? Why is it taking so long? Who is running the investigation? Why are we hearing crickets about it?  Trust in and the Integrity of Alberta’s Democracy is at risk here.

Speaking of crickets, whatever happened the much-publicized but anonymous Special Prosecutor, Kenney’s Justice Department hired out of Doug Ford’s Ontario, to assist the RCMP with the UCP Leadership Campaign Criminal Fraud investigation?

I did a straightforward FOIP application in the AlbertaDepartment of Justice and Solicitor General merely asking for the name of the Special Prosecutor. I expected them to use some kind of FOIP exception dodge to avoid disclosing the name. Instead, the reply was that they had no record of any such person
Cover-up? What else could it be?

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