Using Community Commitment in Candidate Selection.

This is Episode 3 in the Reboot Alberta Podcast with thoughts and advice about how to decide where to put your vote based on Candidate qualities.  We have already explored a Cnadiate’s Character and Competency as deciding metrics.

Now we look at assessing a Candidate‘s Commitment to Community as another metric to evaluate and help select a candidate that aligns with your principles, values, and interests.

What has been their personal Commitment Community Service? are they in it for the greater good, or just to pad up a resume to make them look better?

It’s not surprising that politics attracts large egos, and campaigns are places we get to see those egos in action. Looking into where Candidates have contributed their time, talents, and financial support to community groups is a telling test of their Values.

That kind of inquiry can help you in evaluating potential Candidates on what they care about, what they know about, and what they have been effective in taking successful actions that have made a socially positive difference.

What they have done as a skilled volunteer, that proved to be successful and effective in the service of the greater good?  Have they proven they can work on complex  “wicked problems” in high-performing collaborative teams?

If the information on volunteer community involvement is not in their Candidate profile, are you still going to consider casting your for in their favour?   Don’t ignore the possibility that you may be voting for the mythical “self-made man” super-egoist.  These types are usually out to impose themselves on the system, because they are convinced they know better.

That is not the kind of personality that will ever be effective in governing and getting things done in the reality of the complexity of issues we face these days.

We are going to see a collision of culture, clashes in personalities, and contrasts in consciousness in these upcoming Municipal and School Board elections. They are critical decisions making times, and opportunities, for Alberta. Be careful, very careful, when you mark your ballot in October. Do your homework…and share it with friends, family, and like-minded “fools.”


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