This is No Apology!

It’s an inept attempt at political damage control.
Apologies should be addressed specifically to those he maligned with a detailed description of what he said that was inaccurate.

Character Matters. Mr. Madu is now of suspect judgment and of questionable qualifications to act as an appropriate Minister of Justice.  Here is a link to a Reboot Alberta podcast episode on why Character matter is Politics.

Are there any other lawyers in the UCP Caucus, in case the Premier feels the need to replace him?
He needs to be watched carefully. For example, how is he handling the RCMP Criminal Fraud Investigation in the UCP Leadership process that Mr. Kenney allegedly won?
There is unnecessary secrecy from his Department about the mandate, role, qualifications, and identity of the Ontario-based Special Prosecutor to assist the RCMP on that case.
Justice minister apologizes for COVID 'disaster' Facebook post | CBC News



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