Kenney Suspends Legislature: to Protect Public Health or His Political Skin?

*Premier Kenney suspends the Legislature for 2 weeks. OK but why? COVID is at a new Third Wave and the peak of infections. We have the worse per capita levels in all of North America. That will soon result in more hospital admissions, and who knows about what will happen with death rates. What a great time to close down some of the representative government in Alberta?
The optics are not good and Mr. Kenney is a Master of Political Optics. It sure appears he is evading Accountability. By closing the Legislature he takes away the Opposition’s ability to keep him and his government Accountable. Will he show up at the daily COVID briefings to at least answer media questions? He has gone into “radio silence” and into accountability exile before, Is this a repeat?
He seems to be hoping for better COVID results soon so in the meantime let’s just keep away from any questions we won’t or can’t answer anyway. So it seems he has decided to “lie” low and stay away from the Caucus, the Base, and UCP Constituency leadership. They are the ones who really scare him.
He can always give non-answers to Opposition and Media questions without much political fallout, but the Base is restless, the Caucus is aggressive and the Party is anxious…all because of him.
My take is that Character Matters in Leadership. We need to have the Candidate’s Character top of mind when we vote next time.

This Reboot Podcast episode explores some metrics I suggest we might apply in assessing a Candidate’s Character.  I leave it to you to consider applying them now to Mr. Kenney and your own MLA, from whatever party.

I look forward to your comments and feedback

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