Impatient With Anti-Vaxxers & Anti-Maskers?

Neither the Time Nor the Crayons

Have you had enough of the pandering to the reckless and feckless Citizens who are being irresponsible and endangering the health and lives of the rest of the community as well as themselves?

They believe their Freedom of Religion and Right of Assembly should be prioritized to the Right of Life, Liberty, and Security of the Person of everyone else.  It is pointless to reason with the Radicals but we need to reach out and Move the Moderates.

COVID is not a Hoax.  Vaccines are not a Conspiracy.  Masks are not an infringement on personal freedoms.  Public Health Orders are not government overreach.

We need more, better, and effective enforcement against those who are abusing civil disobedience actions because of their irresponsible and selfish Individualism.  Fines are not enough.  We need more consequential outcomes for offenses.

We need more than verbal pre-forma assurances from the UCP that they are not interfering with Prosecution processes.  We need to be reassured and transparent disclosure about the reasons the Calgary Chief of Police is accusing the Crown of canceling 76% of Public Health Order fines that have been issued.

We need more enforcement capacity for Alberta Health Service, RCMP, and Local Police, and Prosecutors plus expanded Court capacity to deal with alleged offenses.  If we are going to deal with these lawbreakers we need some aspects of Alberta Justice to be declared essential workers.

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