Canada #1 on Best Country List

For the last six years, U.S. News and World Report do an annual Best countries ranking.  In the 2021 review, Canada is assessed as #1, for the first time.

What are the criteria? One is the fact there is “very little controversy that happens…so it’s a country that people feel very positive about.”  the researchers noted this year’s survey results “…were undoubtedly shaped by the coronavirus pandemic, widespread civil unrest, and other factors that influenced perceptions of how each country is handling the crisis.”

It’s all about the perceptions of 17,000 people in 78 counties that were surveyed.  A third were business leaders, another third were college-educated middle class or higher individuals, and the final group was from the general population.

Canada was noted to be “pretty amazing” because we tested “…strong on just about every dimension.”

Some of the interesting characteristics of the 76 attributes that were tested included, and where Canada tested high are Quality of Life, were beyond food and housing access to include quality of education, health care, employment that is sustaining and secure, political stability, individual freedoms, and environmental quality.  Canada is first in Quality of Life followed by Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

Social Purpose, formerly called Citizenship is a strong attribute for Canada ” which the report indicated that we (Canada) are seen as a stable and safe society where an individual can develop and prosper in an open, fair, and equitable country.   The reports says “These countries are seen as the most progressive, inclusive, and committed to social justice.”  Sounds like my Canada.

This is measured in how often we come together, in social cohesion, to advocate for and support certain causes we feel strongly about, like the environment and human rights.  Again Canada is perceived as a #1 ranking followed by Denmark, New Zealand, and Sweden.

Because of COVID, the ranking added an “Agility Subranking” testing the attributes where adaptability, dynamics, modern, progressive, and responsiveness get rewarded.  Canada was #3 behind the USA and Australia, but ahead of Germany, Singapore, and South Korea for agility.

There is still a lot to do to Build a Better Alberta within a Better Canada but, if this assessment is to be believed, we are on the right track.

Here is a link if you want more information.

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