A Citizenship Manifesto for Moderate Albertans

The Power of Citizenship

Reboot Alberta is based on the belief that Progressive Pragmatic Citizenship is more vital to a vibrant and flourishing Democracy than Power Pursuing Partisanship. Alberta’s political culture, policy agenda, and partisan narratives are now very controlled by Operatives and Influentials, many of whom are often buried deep in the backrooms of political parties.

The Power of Positive Citizenship has been overshadowed by Authoritarian Manipulative Politics.  Democracy in Alberta is now endangered.  We need Moderate, Progressive, and Pragmatic Citizens to take back Control of our Political Culture.  Reboot Alberta is mission-driven to put more political Control in the hands of Citizens and help co-create Alternative Integrated 21st-century worldviews into Alberta politics. And we want to help Delete the destructive adversarial political approaches and look at Democratic Reforms to give us more inclusive and representative political outcomes.

In these ways, Reboot Alberta is dedicated to helping Moderate and Progressive Albertans Build a Better Alberta together, one voter at a time, through the Power of Engaged Citizenship.  We see this happening through individuals who commit to becoming better at Citizenship. Better Citizenship means we personally strive to be More Aware and become Better Informed about what is going on in our communities, and especially in all orders of government processes, programs, policies, and politics.

Many Albertans naively take good government for granted or they fundamentally distrust government.  Many others are disengaged, believing the barriers to making the real changes needed are just too much for an individual to overcome, so why bother.  These attitudes add to the continuing decline of our Democracy and the erosion of the Power of Citizenship.  Passive Aggression isn’t an effective response and benign indifference is even worse.  We need to Citizen-Up.

Moving From Passivity to Participation

Political participation means we need to be more Effectively Engaged, as Citizens.  We need to be Assertively Activated as individuals to exert positive and progressive impacts on government policy and programs when and where we have concerns as individuals.  We need to ensure our governments take evidence-based responsible policy actions to improve our economy, steward our environment, expand our social cohesion, and do it all with Integrity, Transparency, Honesty, and Accountability.

We have local and school board elections coming up, all over Alberta, on October 18.  Edmonton and Calgary candidates are already very active and other communities will soon see many candidates declaring and filing nomination papers. These local elections are going to be a set of “preseason” campaigns that will provide some insight into the mood of the electorate.

Local election results should bring forth vital advanced insight for those legacy party operatives and advisors who are preparing for the 2023 Provincial election.  We engaged Moderate and Progressive voters must have enough participation and successfully aligned elected candidates that we send a clear message that the old Us vs Them Hyper-Partisan Adversarial Politics isn’t acceptable.  We need anew and bold adaptive, sustainable, and resilient platforms fit for a 21st-century Alberta, not the 19th-century approach of same-old politics as usual.

Local and School Board elections are a great opportunity for citizens to test drive some personal political participation efforts directly in their own communities and for their own purposes. It is a safe and easy way to get involved and be a bit beyond your comfort zone, so you can learn about better Citizening.

Local political participation will make you more aware of what’s going on, and better informed on local issue concerns.  Campaigning helps you find like-minded fellow citizens to share your thoughts and ideas with as you pool your collective wisdom and decide where your vote will go and assess who is trustworthy enough to be a Lawmaker.

Local elections do not have the direct engagement of political parties, yet.  But political parties do exert influence, both for and against, certain candidates.  Local government campaigns and candidates are more open to a wider range of citizen participation as volunteers and donors.  There is ample opportunity to organize, as new or existing groups, to influence candidates, set agendas, and frame narratives, and calling out for specific action on various issues or policies.

Expect to see some partisan candidates running and even partisan slates running to take over local governments and school boards.  Allowing that to happen would be an epic failure of Moderate Progressive Pragmatic Voters. So take advantage of the opportunities to participate in the forthcoming local elections according to your capacities.  YOU can make a difference.

No More Shoulda Coulda Woulda

To assist you in your Citizenship Journey in the local and school board elections, and to prepare for the next Provincial election, check out and subscribe to the Reboot Alberta Podcast, join the Reboot Alberta Facebook Group, but be sure to provide an email address when you apply. You can also subscribe to this website to stay current.  There will be some events, tools, and training where Rebooters can share and learn, including from each other, on becoming a better Citizen by becoming better Voters.

We will do this through the Citizenship Journey Framework process.  We will assist those Rebooters who want to use the Journey process in a personal development approach towards becoming a Better Citizen with practical skills and expanded capacities.  More on this in subsequent posts as we move from Passivity to Participation and Press for Positive and Progressive Change in Alberta’s Political Culture.

You have Rights when you see your Citizenship as a noun.  You have Roles and Responsibilities when you also see your citizenship as a verb.  You must activate your roles and responsibility side of Citizenship at election time.  If you do not engage, your Rights are easily taken away by bad political outcomes and operators.

It’s time to show up, stand up, speak up, and act up as Citizen in a Free and Democratic Society. Welcome to Citizening.






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