Thinking Inside the Box – The Ballot Box



Albertans are going to the Polls this October for local and school board elections.

What will determine how you will mark your ballot?  How will you figure out why and what are you voting for…not just whom you are voting for!

Will it be a vote for a Candidate you know and like, or because of a recommendation for someone you trust, or you recognize them because you heard their name somewhere, or they knocked on your door?  Is that enough to transfer political power to someone and give them the ability to make Bylaws that will impact your life – significantly!

Will you vote based on an issue or a policy concern, such as the UCP Curriculum Draft, or the Equalization referendum, or along your partisan lines?  We are seeing informal partisan slates formed on the Right by the UCP, intent on taking over control of municipal government and local school boards and imposing their Ideology!

Will it be a very local issue like property taxes, or local jobs, or COVID leadership?  All of these are important and valid issues. The Core Question for you is what will drive your decision as an Aware, Informed, and Engaged Citizen?  We all need to pick up our Citizenship Game and be Better Voters.  These local elections are a great opportunity to be Better Citizens by being Better Voters.



Local and school board elections have chronically low turnout, which means they are vulnerable to being taken over by organized special interests.  This is even more likely this October with the recent UCP changes in local election laws.

Political Action Committees enable big-dollar donors to anonymously drive the election agenda and influence the narrative in your community.  Misinformation, disinformation, and propaganda will infect and undermine open election processes unless more Moderate and Progressive Citizens show up to expose, oppose and dispose of these dire consequences to our Democracy.

Every election is about choices. Best we start making informed choices as Citizens.  We can learn how to do this in our local and school board elections this Fall.  Ignorance leads to Error. Disinterest leads to a diminished Democracy.

there is no easy way out of the work of Responsible Citizenship. So let’s become More Aware, Better Informed, and Effectively Engaged Citizens by using the power of our vote for positive progressive election results.

Here is a link to a Reboot Alberta Podcast episode about Thinking Inside the Box – The Ballot Box



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