How Can Albertans Resist Autocracy?

Democracy is fragile and the Rule of Law requires constant human effort to protect, preserve, and promote.

Tom Snyder is a Yale History Professor who wrote a book “On Tyranny.”  It is actually a handbook on where we are, how we got here, and what to do about Fascism in our political culture.  It is totally relevant to Alberta today under the UCP government.

He speaks of the UK in this interview but democracy in the States was also looking to be on a death spiral.  They rejected populism in the last election.  It is especially evident in the Georgia Special election results. Two white priveleged corrupt corporatist Republicans were defeated by a Black and Jew…in Ruby Red Georgia.  that is significant – if it can be sustained.

If we Albertans fail as citizens to take our responsibilities to protect Democracy and the Rule of Law seriously, we Albertans are destined to devolve into Totalitarianism through Fascistic tactics and techniques being applied in real-time by the UCP.  More details and examples of that happening in future posts.

Watching the destruction of democracy in the States is disturbing.  It is more unnerving to realize the linkages and alignment of the UCP government to Trumpism.  The importing, rise, and emboldening of hate groups in Alberta is another threat to our future safety, security, and prosperity.

We need to get more aware, better informed, effectively engaged, and more assertively activated at citizens.  We need t take back Control of our Political Culture.  We need to design and deploy Progressive Alternatives institutional structures fit for the 21st Century.  We need to Delete those destructive attitudes and mindsets that enable indifference, inaction, and avoidance of serious citizenship.

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