Policing in Alberta Under Further Review


The UCP is undertaking an updating and further review of the Police Act.  They say this new effort “…builds on a broad stakeholder engagement on the future of policing held between June 2018 and March 2019.”

The political cynic in me says the intent for this public engagement is driven more by politics as it is by policy efforts.  I say cynically because of the dates of the previous “broader stakeholder engagement” of June 2018 to March 2019.  That was during the NDP government.  I expect the UCP doesn’t like the results of that broader stakeholder engagement.

So no doubt this UCP effort is being undertaken to get some political cover and shift the policy context in preparation for a communications strategy in support of the UCP Referendum on Policing.  that will be done in conjunction with the local elections in October 2021.  We can expect the typical UCP misinformation and disinformation strategy to be rolled out starting about May next year.


They say the intent of the updating and review is “…preparing to gather perspectives from Albertans that will help determine critical areas of the Police Act, Police Service Regulation and Alberta provincial policing standards to amend or reform.

Your responses will identify opportunities to modernize policing, helping to ensure Albertans feel safe and confident that justice is being done, and that police are accountable to the communities they protect.

The Police Act review will focus on 3 main topics:

  • governance and public trust (including complaints and oversight)
  • Indigenous policing
  • the role of police”
Based on the history and actions of the UCP, Albertans should not be so naive to take them at their word on this.  However, it would be ill-advised for Alberta Moderates and Progressive to pass up the opportunity to have input into the UCP update and review process.

The fact is the world is run by those who show up! So Rebooter, show up, speak up, stand up so we can participate effectively in updating the role of police and rebuild the public trust. I have to give the UCP credit, here.  It is comprehensive and relevant and I don’t see it as designed to support a prejudged policy or political position.

Here is the link to the Survey for the Police Act Review 2020.

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