ABACUS DATA has set up the “Happiness Monitor” for Canadians. I am not usually inclined to promote businesses on this site BUT when they undertake a Greater Good initiative it is worth sharing and promoting.

There is a very helpful November 2020 blog post by Richard Jenkins and Oksana Kishcul.  It starts with a quote from Aristotle: “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life. The whole aim and end of human existence.”

Here is some more context from the Abacus Data blog post that aligns with Reboot Alberta intent and spirit, I have bolded portions for emphasis:

Happiness is a deeply personal emotion. But, like values, it is a key shaper of human behaviour. We pursue happiness. The decisions we take about our relationships, products, and services we buy, and even our political decisions are all shaped by how we are feeling. It motivates behaviour both positively and negatively.

National happiness has real political consequences. Happy people are more likely to be engaged in politics, less likely to vote for populist or extremist, anti-system parties, and more supportive of social policies. Recognizing the importance of happiness has led some governments to produce national well-being statistics and put increasing the happiness of their public high on the goals of government policy.

Happiness is also an important driver for behaviors. Happy parents are better parents. Happy people give more to charity and to others. Happy people are more generous. Happy people get more exercise, eat more healthily, and live longer. Happy people are more resilient.

And while perhaps it goes without saying, the conversation about happiness is also important because of its relationship with our mental health. Understanding happiness can help us better understand the need for mental health services and supports, and show a valuable return on investment.


Happiness is a worthy personal goal in these COVID Times. Simple to say, not easy to achieve? Actually, it is pretty easy to achieve, based on actual social-science evidence. But, like every worthy achievement, it takes effort and practice. Here is a link to the initial finding of the self-reporting research on the Canadian Happiness Monitor project by Abacus Data..

You can start today on a personal Happiness Journey based on science with Yale University Professor Laurie Santos. The “Science of Well-Being” course includes training on Gratitude, Happiness, Meditation, and Savoring. I have taken the course and can attest to its effectiveness.

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