Taking the Power of Citizenship Seriously

Taking Citizenship Seriously is a recent Reboot Alberta podcast. episode.  It is about the political power of collective and collaborative citizenship for Moderate Progressive and Pragmatic Albertans to purposefully Press for Change and to Build a Better Alberta.

Each Moderate, Progressive Pragmatic Albertan has something of serious concern about our broken political culture and how we are being governed these days. Abacus Data recently (Nov 20-25) asked Canadians what their Top 2 Issues were, this is what they said about their Top 2 issues:

64% said “Having a plan and policies to help deal with the DOCI-19 pandemic”

43% said “Having a plan for the Canadian economy in the future”

28% said “Helping protect existing jobs and create new jobs.”

24% said “Coming up with ideas to combat climate change and protect the planet”

22% said “Finding the right balance in spending and taxation levels”

20% said “Working to improve equality of all people in Canada.”

I suspect if you separated our Albertans you would see a similar pattern of priorities.  Governing in this complex reality is not going to be easy.  It can’t be about juggling these priorities, or not being honest, transparent, and accountable to the citizens of Alberta because it’s politically risky.


It has to be about a government that grabs ahold of each of the themes and commits to creating integrated policies and programs to deliver more protection of, and empowerment for citizens.  Leadership has to be more open with the data and show the evidence.  They need to share their reasoning behind all of these extraordinarily difficult policy decisions.

COVID, Climate Change, and Economic prosperity through responsible growth and sustainable jobs are not mutually exclusive. They are not on a spectrum or caged arenas for ideologically driven partisan fighting either. They are interconnected elements in a vibrant and challenging VENN Diagram.  Left versus Right partisan Debates won’t deliver effective solutions anymore.  Human-centered Design and Deliberation is now what we require. All of us are smarter than any of us, and expertise matters, a lot, but the elected representatives must have the final say in a democracy.

The qualities and characteristics of political leadership, that we need now in Alberta, are not what we are getting from the UCP government these days.  Political leadership in government, and those with power, must be trustworthy.

Environics Research poll of 1,205 Albertans Nov 10-23 for CUPE

We need wisdom over clever and misleading messaging, prudence over rigid ideology, fairness and justice over Base pandering.  We need leadership with the courage to face the challenging reality of today and tomorrow, not a pusillanimous half-hearted refluent effort focused on creating a better yesterday.

At Reboot Alberta we believe in:

  • The Power of Citizenship as a way to take back Control and mend Alberta’s broken political culture.
  • “We want to design and deploy decision-making Alternatives to anger-driven adversarial hyperpartisan politics.
  • We want to Delete out-moded regressive mindsets that are obstacles to much-needed change.
If you want to get actively involved, email me your name, where you live in Alberta.  Tell me, in a few words, what area of government policy and programs or political processes that concern you the most these days.
I am [email protected] and looking forward to hearing from you.


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