Do You Feel AT RISK Under Kenney’s Rule?

This Facebook Post from my Page last June is worth sharing now.  Vulnerable Albertans are endangered. There are so many more of us now the Kenney is in Power.

Personal safety vulnerability comes in many forms but we are all at risk when any of us are at risk.  You are, or soon sill be, a vulnerable citizen in Kenney’s Authoritarian Alberta if you are:

  • physically or developmentally disabled,
  • on AISH,
  • LGBTQ,
  • Elderly,
  • a visible minority,
  • a non-fundamentalist Dominionist Christian person of faith,
  • an essential worker in dangerous working conditions,
  • a union member,
  • unemployed, under-employed,
  • technologically vulnerable to automation,
  • a doctor,
  • a teacher,
  • a nurse,
  • a public servant,
  • an environmentalist,
  • a not-for-profit sector worker,
  • a culture creative,
  • a post-secondary college or university student,
  • an academic,
  • a small business owner,
  • or…on Kenney’s personal Political Enemies List.

I am sure I have missed some who are or feel vulnerable.  Feel free to add to the list.

There are fields full of metaphorical landmines, planted by the Kenney government, that are dangerous to your safety in COVID-times, economic security, environmentally related health.

Then there are serious personal safety concerns from looming violence imported and inspired American White Supremacists, Proud Boys, Yellow-Vesters, Sons of Odin, Q-Anon, and other Hate Groups.  We are seeing this rising to the surface now as these gangs target minorities and others and become emboldened by the Trump and his enabling Republicans.

The tepid response by the *Premier to these groups makes me very suspicious about his real reason to want a Provincial Police Force that is under his political control and not beholden to civilian citizens control.

We can’t afford to be Anticipatory Obedient citizens and passively comply with UCP Laws that are destructive to our Democracy and your Individual Rights and Freedoms.  Timothy Snyder of Yale University outlines this and 19 other key lessons and concepts we need to be more aware of based on 20th Century history and mistakes mankind and societies made in his excellent book  On Tyranny.

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