Lessons to be Learned from the Life of John Lewis

There will be a lot of well-deserved tributes to John Lewis, as we do on the death of such note-worthy leaders.

I am old enough to remember the Bloody Sunday march Lewis lead in Selma Alabama in 1965. The important precursor to that event was the Martin Luther King Jr. Letter from Birmingham City Jailwritten and published in 1963.  Remembering Mr. Lewis, and his contribution to humanity requires some historical context.

Seth Godin has a personal journal podcast called Akimbo.  It’s mostly about marketing and business but not just about that. Noting there was no audio version of the letter, Mr. Godin arranged a recording of the text and had it read by various people. He recently posted it as an audio recording on his podcast.

That famous letter was actually written by the Civil Rights Non-Violent Activist Martin Luther King Jr. from a prison cell in the Birmingham City Jail.  King was arrested for protesting in breach of a Birmingham city ordinance outlawing any protest or demonstrations about the American civil rights movement in the 1960’s.

It’s not an easy listen but has a vital message, very applicable for these times in our Alberta.  The UCP government has passed Bill 1. That gives the UCP Premier the power to broadly define what critical, private, and public, infrastructure needs “protecting” from protestors.  He can then, by sole discretion decree, make it a crime to be in, on, or around such infrastructures.

Listen to this moment in time was especially resonant with me when he took on “supportive” Moderates but who seem to withdraw and disappear when there is a personal price to pay or a necessary sacrifice to be made, in the service of Justice.  I am seeing that happening more and more in Alberta these days.

So sit down in a comfortable chair, with a glass or a cup of a beverage you enjoy and give this a careful listen.

Use the lens of the times, if you are old enough to remember them, but also reflect through the lens of today’s Totalitarian abuses of politics, power, and tribal partisan pandering.

Comfortable? (for now at least?) Then click here!




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