Can We Have Influence over Power in Alberta Politics?


We have all heard the memorable aphorism about bringing Truth to Power.  That’s fine if Power is open to some “Truth.”  If those, to whom we have given power, have their own agenda and are dogmatic about it, all the “Truth,” or contrary evidence, in the world will not change their minds.

Fighting their dogmatism with another “Truth” mostly serves to drive them deeper into defending their faith-based beliefs.  They respond with the defensive accusations of “fake news,” use “alternative facts,” or simply demonize the “Others.”  We see this attitude in some ways in the Kenney-controlled UCP government we recently elected…with the absolute power of a Majority.

We are all also by now painfully aware of the “Truth” that Power Tends to Corrupt and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.  Welcome to the reality of that aphorism in Alberta these days.

So, if Political Power is not Open to new ideas, rejects countervailing evidence, or suppresses otherwise thoughtful opinions, what can we do? If Truth to Absolute Power is a waste of our time, how do we make our concerns known?

It’s too late for “disaster planning.” Albertans are up to our individual and collective necks in the accumulated disasters a persistent pandemic, economic meltdown, institutional breakdown, and an obvious emergence of political tyranny from “our” Trumpist-like government.  We have to take Action.


I suggest we try some applied Citizen-based Wisdom.  Applied Wisdom to me is all about accepting personal responsibility for seen what must be done for a community and then doing it effectively, without being told what to do.

This Applied Wisdom is a function of personal Judgement, Initiative, Competence, and Influence.  Those personal character attributes enable us, as Citizens, to use our Personal Judgment to DETERMINE WHAT NEEDS DOING NEXT for your community.

Personal Initiative is doing something helpful about what we SEE WHAT NEEDS DOING AND DOING IT NOW, not next week, next month, or next year…NOW!

Personal Competence varies from person to person but we all have SKILLS AND TALENT WE CAN BRING TO THE CHALLENGES. We just have to have the willingness to take the time necessary and apply ourselves.

Personal Influence is the key to it all. Only about 10% of citizens are Influentials but if you are, your duty is greater if we are going to be effective in our Press for Change to Build a Better Alberta. So are you an Influential? If so, are you READY, WILLING, AND ABLE TO TAKE UP THE CHALLENGE OF RESPONSIBLE CITIZENSHIP?


It takes all three attributes of ready, willing, and able to be effective as an Influential and take up the challenge of bringing Applied Wisdom to your networks and community. In many cases, due to personal circumstances, it is not possible.  But when it is possible, then you really should step up and step into the challenges.

HERE IS A SHORT SURVEY to help you discover if you have the attributes of an Influential.

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