When Will Life Return to NORMAL?

Here is a link to a very interesting graphic from the Visual Capitalist website.

It shows the aggregated sense of over 500 Epidemiologists in The USA and Canada about the timing of certain activities returning to “normal.”   We can expect to be “Brining in mal without precaution, seeing a doctor for non-urgent appointments, and vacationing overnight within driving distances to mostly return this summer.

Only 27% believe we will be able to comfortably work in a shared office this summer., but that will happen in a 3-12 month timeframe according to 54% of the experts.

What 64% say should take over a year to return is attending sporting events, concerts, or plays. There are 43% who say it should take 3-12 months before attending church, another 43% estimate that activity will not return to normal until at least a year.

INteresting opinion and somewhat helpful if you are planning to be prudent, using sound judgment, and make wise choices for the health and safety for yourself and others.



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