How Vulnerable Are You Feeling Under Premier Kenney?


This is a decommissioned Personal Landmine. There are still millions of these covered over in fields all over the world waiting to blow people up who step on them.

I keep this as a reminder of the personal risks people in some places have to take every day, just to survive.

I used to use this as a focal point for clients in my lawyering days. The question was were they dealing with a personal problem, vulnerability, and danger?

Or was it something else at issue. I have other “artifacts” that symbolically signify some other kinds of legal issues I will share in other posts.

I’m sharing this individual issue symbol first because that is where most of us start our consideration of the consequences and impacts of change.

It emphasizes the damage that can befall us due to the various policy, procedures, and program changes the Kenney UCP Government is imposing over and on us…personally.

So how can and should we respond, personally, to these “landmines” the KenneyCons have planted?

Do we just carry on and hope we don’t become a victim by a misstep?

Do we change our behavior and comply with the demands imposed by the tyranny?

Is that the best response to hope to avoid the destructive consequences of the tyranny, at least for ourselves?

Do we take measures to uncover these landmines and use our collective force as citizens for the decommissioning of them before they do damage to us and others?

The last option takes courage and a sense of justice as operating virtues.

Don’t rest but be assured, the government we elected in April 2019 is acting tyrannically. They have already planted landmines. They may not have targetted you…yet.

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