There is going to be a plague of pixels parading in a phalanx of “heavily armed” posts on the FAIR DEAL REPORT.

It’s going to be very important that we read the Report itself for yourself. Take the time to decide what is it going to do to or for you, your family, and your local Alberta community, as an Albertan and Canadian.  Don’t discount, for a minute, the energizing impact of this Fair Deal Report will have on the Wexiteers and other Separatists.

How are the recommendations on a provincial police force, opting out of the Canada Pension Plan, and having a tantrum on Equalization going to make you and Alberta safer, more secure, build the capacity of you and fellow Albertans for resilience and adaptability to respond to rapidly changing times?

We are all going to have to turn up our skepticism and boost our sense of cynicism. We will have to constantly apply the Test of Truthiness and Trust Barometer on everything and everyone.

Motivation and Purpose of the sources of “information” must be considered. The same goes for the communication channels that publish or peddle propaganda and rhetoric.

We will all have to be vigilant and mindfully critical as the political power abuses pursue us.

There will be Bots, lots of bad Bots, some from self-serving Political Action Committees.  Can we expect Button-pushing Bots from our own government unaccountable and secretive Kenney-controlled War Room to widen further the partisan political divisions in our political culture?  I expect so.

They will flood your digital spaces with Lies, Half-truth Conspiracies, and Disinformation all designed to manipulate you.  This because there are referendums coming and there is a need to fabricate and manufacture consensus.

There are forces out there who are going to try and push our hot-buttons and pull our emotional triggers.  They will be feeding on our legitimate anger, doubts, and fears.  They are out to destabilize us as citizens, weaken our Province and undermine our Democracy for purposes of imposing a hard-right Authoritarian ideological takeover of Alberta’s political culture.

We are going to have to be circumspect and cautious so we do not inadvertently spread or amplify the Deluge of Deceits we will be getting. Be careful what you Retweets and Share.  Make sure what you share and promote is factual, evidence-based, and reliable authoritative sources.

We are all getting fatigued by COVID self-isolation and other necessary precautions. like wearing masks in public and extensive hand-washing. We are also or should be, nervous about being sure we are a positive part of getting the re-opening of the economy right.  That means not letting our guard down as we start to socialize and get back to work, or, as in many cases, looking for work.

That “don’t let your guard down” is the attitude we will all need to bring to our personal consideration of the implications and impacts of the applications of FAIR DEAL REPORT recommendations.

It’s time to take the Stoic Values of Courage, Judgment, Wisdom, and Temperance to heart.

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