Victims of Bias Know Thyself

I implore you to check out this link from the Visual Capitalist website.  We all need to be more aware of issues, events, and concerns.  We have to be better informed too.  But we are both well served and ignobly fooled by our perceptions.

Thomas Fuller, a 17th-century English clergyman is attributed to the cliche “Seeing is believing.”   In fact, what he really said was “Seeing is believing, but the feeling is the truth.”  It’s this feeling thingy stuff that is worthy of more conscientious and careful attention for effective Citizenship.

Given the power of our biases and beliefs. it is becoming closer to our perceptual “truth” that “Believing is Seeing.”   There’s a long list of Cognitive Biases we all “enjoy/suffer” from that distorts our objective perception, judgment, and analytical abilities.  The political parties, strategists, and politicians pray on our biases and perceptional patterns to mislead, deceive, and gas-light us, and we willingly wander into the perceptual trap.

Here are the Big 3 that are used and abused in our political culture.  Confirmation Bias is where we favor or seek information that affirms our pre-existing beliefs.  It leads to polarization and filter bubbles.  Next is Coverage Bias which puts politics in emotional not rational terms and media/polling coverage is all about the horse-race between politicians and parties, not about issues and interests.  Next is Concision Bias that is about carefully worded concise talking points and sound bites that are “truthiness” enough to feed on and off the belief patterns in people.

Follow politics on Twitter and you will see it in full force.

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