Teck Resources Backs Off the Frontier Project

Teck Takes a Hike

OK Alberta, brace yourself. The Teck decision to withdraw its Frontier project from further consideration was announced on February 23, 2002, a Sunday. That was just days before the Federal Cabinet decision on final approval.

We don’t know what the Federal Cabinet decision would have been. We will not likely know what they would have done, especially now that the decision is moot. I am disappointed but not surprised by the Teck project withdrawal decision, except the timing does surprise.

Teck Did Things Right

Frontier was an open-pit mine, and they are the most environmentally destructive, during construction, through operations and at the reclamation stage. Teck, to their credit, accurately notes, they did have the “unprecedented support of Indigenous communities.” They learned the lessons of what constituted meaningful consultation with Indigenous peoples from the notable failures of Northern Gateway and the do-over demanded of TMX, and they learned them well.

So Why Kill the Project?

Donald Lindsay, the Teck President, and CEO note, what I consider to be the central reason for the project’s withdrawal; the uncertainty of the project’s financing and lack of government action on climate change.

He notes “…investors and customers are increasingly looking for jurisdictions…that reconciles resource development and climate change…This does not yet exist here…” (meaning Canada and Alberta).

Propaganda Will Cloud the Real Issues 

We can expect a lot of high dudgeon hyperpartisan adversarial political rhetoric from Jason Kenney the UCP Premier in Alberta and Andrew Scheer, the lame-duck CPC Federal Leader. Anticipate a lot of heat but not much light.

This event and the related issues are going to be a test for Rebooters as Moderate citizens. If we want to be better informed to engage more effectively and get assertively active in Pressing for Change in Alberta’s political culture, we have to prepare.

So in preparation for the inevitable media assisted deluge of disinformation, misinformation, divisive diversion tactics, and downright deceitful self-serving partisan propaganda. Don’t gullible. Don’t get suckered. Be cynical and skeptical and use your critical thinking skills.

Go to the original sources of information around the Teck decision. Start with your pursuit of reliable sources of actual information here. This link is to the actual letter from Teck announcing the withdrawal so you can read the reasons and judge in intentions and consequences for yourself.

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