Time to Make Government Do It’s Job


It’s a Matter of Trust…Misplaced Trust?

The Alberta government is our Trustee when it comes to managing the responsible exploitation and sustainable development of our oil and gas resources.  That Trust imposes a very high duty of care on our elected MLAs, to serve the greater good public interest.

For many years, there has been a consistent failure by various governments to take on that required level of care when it comes to dealing with demanding the conventional energy businesses to fulfill the legal obligations to Albertans.

Where is the Accountability?

Now the Auditor General is returning to the issues, at least on the 3,406 Orphan Wells deserted by industry, with anticipation for more to come.

There is a much larger abandoned conventional oil and gas well-growing liability issue that is real-time and impacting rural Alberta surface-rights owners, municipal governments and local property taxpayers.   This is due to inadequate laws, and lax enforcement of those that do exist, to stop industry abuses.

There are billions of current and accruing conventional oil and gas well liabilities for industry, government and regulatory failure, refusals and negligence for the performance of reclamation, rehabilitation and restoration obligations. The ultimate tab for fixing this disaster will be stuck on all the rest of Albertans and especially the young and future generations.  

This is a fiscal, environmental and social policy failure of responsible government that is of epic proportions.  The attention to operational debt and deficits of the government of Alberta is worth attention.  However, it pales in comparison to the size, causes and dire consequences of the Abandoned and Orphan Well debts and deficits existing now and still accruing, at an ever-accelerating rate.

Become an Activated Citizen

I urge you to take your oil and gas ownership role in these matters seriously.  Please dedicate an hour to listen to this Daveberta podcast with Regan Boychuk and Tina Faiz of the Alberta Liability Disclosure Project.  You will no longer be a low-informed citizen on these issues.

The next step is what are you going to do about it?  I suggest you email me [email protected], and request to be invited into the citizen-based Reboot Alberta Citizenship before Partisanship Initiative.

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