Election Day – Will Alberta Go Backwards?

I was one of several folks who participated in a  CBC National piece on the Edmonton Centre election context – 11 years ago.  I wonder if anything has really changed in Alberta’s mindset on Federal Politics since then.

I said then when it comes to Alberta, we are easily ignored.  The CPC will do it because they could always assume we would vote for them. The Liberals would ignore us because they could generally assume we would rarely support them.  I expect that truism will be revisited after this election.  Regardless of who “wins” it is not likely to be much good for Alberta, other than the building on the TMX pipeline, which will be a Go!

I also noted, back then. Albertans like to be contrarian in how we vote relative to the rest of Canada.  Even if there is a CPC government tonight, and Alberta goes totally Conservative.  Regardless if it’s a CPC majority or minority, Albertans we will not drink heartily of the CPC kool-aid…unless Scheer is pushed out and Jason Kenney is recruited by Ontario to be the next leader. 

There is a serious lack of enthusiasm and energy, or even capability and capacity to capture the consciousness of the country and move us forward.  Democratic Reform is needed to fix a broken and growingly corrupt political culture.  I don’t expect that will happen unless we have a serious sustained and insistent movement pressed by citizens from across the country.

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