White Supremacists/Nationalists Groups Growing in Alberta

There are about 200 identified White Nationalists and Far-Right Extremists groups active in Canada. Alberta seems to be a hotbed for this kind of hate, bigotry, racism and yes violence.

Why in Alberta?  How do the Alberta Separatists engage with them?  The Kenney UCP has an affinity for some of them.  While Kenney may not be a racist, Alberta racists seem to think he is sympathetic to their cause.

Kenney also has recently played off leveraging the Alberta Separatist movement for political purposes, particularly in the coming Federal Election.  While claiming to be a strong believer in Canada he also uses Separatist signaling dog-whistle terms like “Patriot.”

He also started feeding old-stock anti-immigration nationalistic Conservative tropes like referencing the antiquated term like “The Dominion of Canada” in his speeches. That Dominion sentiment harkens back to the “good old days” when immigration into Canada was almost exclusively white European.  It also dog-whistles the Evangelical religious beliefs in Dominionism and the God-given domination of humanity over the earth for our own purposes.

This is all happening in Alberta in the open, just as it is in Trumpist America.

For more context on the White Nationalists hate, racism and bigotry, watch this CBC The National story.  We can’t ignore this happening in our midst.  Citizens need to stand up, show up and speak up against this.

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