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Reboot Alberta

        It’s About Building a Better Alberta!

Reboot Alberta is a social enterprise dedicated to building a better Alberta through effective, informed, engaged citizenship. Reboot Alberta Members pursue a pragmatic public policy approach, taking personal action in ways that benefit people, places and the economy. 

Reboot Alberta Members are citizens who share common values lived as standards of behavior. Together, we are welcoming, inclusive and caring citizens who strive to be respectful, positive and openly share evidence-based ideas and opinions. 

Reboot Alberta Members champion Democracy and the Rule of Law. We support all orders of government in pursuing their roles to deliver better outcomes for Albertans. We value and honor the service of politicians, government administrators, democratic institutions and political parties.  

We depend on them to design and develop relevant public policy ideas that, with the consent of citizens through elections, will become part of an effective and efficient government. We also believe in the personal responsibility and accountability obligations of citizens to ensure a viable and robust democratic political culture. 

The Reboot Alberta Revival 

As citizens, we are continuously learning how Reboot Alberta Members can engage to improve Alberta’s public policy processes and contribute personally to the vibrancy of their own community. We expect Reboot Alberta should be resourced in ways to help Members overcome capacity gaps and resource barriers in their efforts towards building a better Alberta.  We want to explore how a citizen-based collaborative network of like-minded Albertans can use Reboot Alberta as a means towards building a better Alberta.

The Reboot Alberta Online Members Platform (OMP) will support our individual and shared efforts. The OMP will provide Reboot Alberta Members the opportunity to contribute their ideas in the Focus Areas identified in the July 2019 Reboot Alberta Revival Gathering. Each of these identified Reboot Alberta Focus Areas, are aspirational and about building a better Alberta.  They are described as follows:  

  1. Pragmatic Policy: A pragmatic evidence-based approach to public policy development is preferred to the traditional partisan ideological model as a means to build a better Alberta.

What is happening in Alberta’s current political culture? What do we, as citizens, need to know and need to change? How do we keep informed, current and where do we access reliable information? How do we apply and strengthen deliberative democracy? How do we restore trust in our democratic institutions? How can we foster political accountability? 

  1. Healthy People: Every Albertan is able to thrive, eager to engage and able to contribute towards building a better Alberta, each according to their personal circumstances.

How can we improve all aspects of human health and happiness to build personal capacity and resilience?

  1. Social Fabric: All Albertans, as citizens, are aware, informed, current and effectively engaged in matters and issues that are of concern to them.

What local community opportunities or challenges need some focused citizen engagement? How can we learn from one another? How can we leverage our limited resources to build better solutions that are transferable and scalable?  How do we, as citizens, not just partisans, influence provincial public policy directions and goals? 

  1. Robust Ecosystems: Alberta’s ecosystems are thriving. 

As owners of Alberta’s natural resources, how can Albertans collaborate with industry, governments, regulators, and others to effectively deliver on our ecosystem stewardship obligations, generate genuine wealth and provide for the needs of our society? 

  1. As-Built Environment: We strive for our as-built environment and public infrastructures to be constantly improving, become more sustainable and amply serve the needs of Albertans.

How can we ensure that our as-built environment is sustainable and meets our evolving needs economically, environmentally and socially?

  1. Resilient Economy: The Alberta economy continues to sufficiently serve Albertans as we aspire to be more equitable and responsibly prosperous.

How can we continuously improve our economic resilience and adaptability to the challenging competitive reality and the accelerated rate and range of change in ways that serve individual, and shared community needs as Albertans?

Pragmatic policy approaches. Healthy thriving people. Sustainable places and spaces. All combined in a joint effort and a common goal of building a better Alberta.

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