A Report on the Reboot Alberta Revival Gathering

The July 27 Reboot Alberta Revival was a day-long enthusiastic gathering of pragmatic progressive Albertans. The common factor was a concern about the divisive hyper-partisan nature of Alberta’s political culture.

These citizens want to have a positive impact on our political culture. They saw that happening by active engagement on issues and concerns at the local community level.

They saw this happening by being more aware, better informed and effectively engaged in relevant provincial public policy matters.

The goal for that citizen-based impact was to be on building a better Alberta. Better was about prosperity that is more responsible, sustainable, equitable and resilient.

Not everyone in the Reboot community was able to attend. Such is life. There will be other Gatherings. Are you interested in being more than a passive Facebook Page Follower?

Do you want to use and help Reboot Alberta help your efforts in your community thrive as a way to build that better Alberta? If so send me an email to [email protected] Tell me where and why you invest your local, regional or province-based volunteer efforts now.

Tell me what gaps and barriers are you facing in limiting realizing the group’s goals What suggestions do you think Reboot Alberta could become to help fill the gaps, overcome the barriers? Education, training, awareness building, advocacy…or what?

In the meantime here is a link to the report on the deliberations and outcomes of the Reboot Alberta Revival Gathering. This will bring you up to speed on work so far.

Reboot Alberta Revival Gathering Report (1)

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