How to Inhabit the Radical Middle

This is the first Guest Blog for Reboot Alberta.  I consider this a Milestone and hope it encourages others to take up the opportunity and challenge.

Maggie Hanna, known by her friends as”Future Girl,” is a great personality, an accomplished scientist but also a terrific communicator.  I know her best as a keen observer of the human condition…, especially Alberta style.

This post was originally posted on her LinkedIn page.  It is so relevant to the challenges the Reboot Alberta is taking on for a more aware, informed, engaged and activated citizenship.

Albertans are mired in a deeply divided, dangerous and devastating political culture.  Those of us not in the tribal Right or Left have and challenge in how to effectively inhabit the radical middle…and we must be radical moderate, not the mushy middle.

Here is a teaser quote from her post: “A natural discussion is the opposite of a normal one.  How do we turn a normal polarized discussion featuring an incendiary retrenchment of our positions into a natural, rich, nuanced and complex natural conversation? It is a radical thing to see a polarized, political or ideological person, with an opposite position to one’s own, as a full and complex human being, and then treat them as such.”

Yes indeed, how do we do that?  Well, Maggie has  A TOP TEN pragmatic list on how we can actually do that.   Check out her insights and take them to heart and incites in how to use Reboot Alberta as a way to adopt the best of what is available from the Right and Left and take it out of tribal politics.

Here is a link to the great thinking of Maggie Hanna. 

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