Who Can We Trust in the Age of Deceitful Disinformation Politics?

Part of the Reboot Alberta Revival Gathering will be a serious look at where we can get trustworthy information to be informed and aware citizens.  There will be much more to discuss but this is about the destruction of democracy.  That touches everything else we need to worry about as engaged and informed citizens.

We must try to be better citizens and strive to improve our capacity to achieve a more representative, equitable and effective democracy.  So who in all our media message sources are reliable, authoritative and trustworthy?

When can we trust the motives behind the partisan political and their enabling social media platforms? Why do we let politicians deceive, lie and manipulate us with false promises?  Why to we only roll our eyes when the avoid accountability by deflecting attention from issue for which they are publicly accountable?

Why do we allow traditional media coverage to encourage superficial commentary based on He-Said vs She-Said as balanced coverage when it is just click-bait or infotainment for money making ratings?

Nate Pike is a citizen I trust to tell me the facts in context and to challenge the meme-spirited post-truth politics in Alberta today.  He puts all this in context of the Reboot Alberta Revival Gathering.  Join us in Red Deer on July 27 and be part of the solutions Progressive Albertans need to seek together.


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