Truth Matters! Who to Believe in Post-Truth Politics.


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We Albertans need to get to the Truth of what Matters and focus on the Matter of Truth. The Reboot Alberta Revival Gathering will undertake a serious consideration of the “truth” but in the context of who can you trust to tell it.

Where the Truth Lies!

The “Post-Truth” and blagueur of current political culture is diminishing the role of our shared democratic foundational values of integrity, honesty, accountability and transparency.

The deceits, lies and misdirections we are fed by politicians, political parties, Political Action Committees and, too often, the traditional media, is becoming dangerously normative. Then there are the malevolent and manipulative social media message-machines, both foreign and domestic.  That’s a Truth that Matters.

They are infiltrating our democratic institutions and processes, including the integrity of our elections. This is undermining our democracy and causing a rot in our institutions, dividing our society and creating despair amongst our citizens.  That’s a Truth that Matters.

The establishment party’s campaign rhetoric, the RCMP Investigation of alleged criminality in the UCP Leadership process, won by our current Premier. The divisive election outcome and the on-going ideological battles puts a blanket of suspicion over the effectiveness of our current political culture. That’s a Truth that Matters.

Where Do We Go to Get the Truth?

It seems the hyper-partisan tribalists party members and self-serving supporters of the UCP and NDP, to a lesser extent, were prepared to make some pretty profound tradeoffs for the sake of winning the election. The cliched observation to justify this approach to politics is ïf you don’t win power you can’t make the desired changes.  Somehow we are supposed to accept that dirty tricks, dishonesty and disinformation is an acceptable price for society to pay for the glory of “our team winning.”

The road to winning politically these days ïs about the pursuit of power and beating the “Other” in whatever form you see your “enemy.” The metaphors all all war-like and doing battle, vilifying and attacking the Other, often personally and abusively.

There is no room in Identity Politics for a leadership that set out to defines and design a compelling vision of the greater good that inspires and engages people to imagine beyond their own self-interests.  Being the best of a bad set of options is what is on offer these days.

So what is the non-partisan, communitarian, pragmatic centrist progressive Alberta citizen to do?  Ironically, the foundational questions about the truth for Albertans are the fundamental journalism questions of Who, What, Where, When and Why.

Who are non-partisan progressive citizens to believe? What are we going believe in? Where will we express and share our beliefs? When and How can we advance our beliefs beyond election time? How do we effectively challenge the lack of Integrity, Honesty, Accountability and Transparency of our policy makers and elected representatives these days?

Time to Reboot Alberta

Disinterest is not an Option! Apathy is Boring! Democracy is Better than Fascism! It’s time to Reboot Alberta.

That means some serious rethinking economically, environmentally socially and politically. The Control in our Province is in the hands of too few with too much self-serving interests at heart. We need to take Control away from the few and put it back in the hands of the many.

We need to design some new Alternative institutional models that are fit-for-purpose in the 21st Century not MacGyvered out-dated artifacts of the 19th Century. And we have to Delete the culture of deceit, disinformation, misdirection and just plain lying that is becoming the a norm in our politics.

That means citizens have to become better informed, more aware, increasingly engaged, better at discernment and much more politically literate.  Can Reboot Alberta rise to these challenges?

Centralist progressive citizens, whose values are not represented in the UCP-Right or the NDP-Left partisan political machines, don’t have a voice in the current Legislature. So they need to find ways to show up, stand up and speak up.

The future is not a diet of the warmed up leftovers of the failed Alberta Advantage. Nor is it an pathetic acceptance of Albertans being at the end of the fossil fuel rope, where we tie a knot and hold on for dear life.  We can’t ignore the writing on the wall about alternative energy and climate disruption.

An Alberta Advantage or An Alberta Aspiration?

I believe there is good news and and bad news for Albertans. The good news is there is an exciting future for this place. The bad news is we can’t get there incrementally or tentatively, and we will have to design it and deliver it ourselves…and not just for ourselves.

The preferred future Alberta, as I see it, is not the so-called Alberta Advantage of being the best in the world. On practically any objective current measure we are mostly there but our situation is far from optimal.

To my mind it’s about using our enormous Providence as a Province more innovatively. responsibly, sustainably and generously and TO BE THE BEST FOR THE WORLD.


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