Can You Trust the UCP Leadership Results?

Kenney Wins the Election But…

Now that the Alberta election is over, the decision of Alberta voters is conclusive. Everywhere, except most of Edmonton, the centre of Calgary and one seat in Lethbridge, the Kenney-controlled UCP scored an impressive majority government victory.

Now will we see more attention being paid to how the UCP chose its new Leader? The Elections Alberta is continuing its review of illegalities surrounding the Callaway-Kenney Kamikaze Campaign caper.  It has levied about $46,000.00 in fines against Callaway operatives so far.

Callaway Goes to Court Against Elections Alberta

Wildrose party president Jeff Callaway speaks to party members as the Wildrose votes on the possibility of uniting with the Progressive Conservatives, in Red Deer Saturday July 22, 2017. Photo by David Bloom

That total doesn’t include a March 11, 2019 Election Commissioner Order that Mr. Callaway personally repay $26,500 in Kamikaze campaign contributions.  Mr. Callaway is going to Court to try to prove the Election Commissioner is “biased in relation to the investigation.”  Callaway tried earlier, with an unsuccessful Court application, seeking an ironic “emergency” injunction delaying Elections Alberta investigations because there was no urgent reason to continue with interview during the election campaign. into his UCP leadership campaign.

According to Elections Alberta, there are other allegations that some individuals in the Callaway kamikaze caper could potentially be facing up to $60,000.00 in fines or two years jail time, including Mr. Callaway himself. None of that is proven yet.

But Wait…There’s More.

Then there is the RCMP Serious Crimes Unit Investigations into allegations of UCP Leadership Campaign voter fraud against certain party members.

Could the selection of the current UCP Leadership results end up being, in Donald Trump terms, the result of “a rigged election”…but without Russian interference?

We will have to wait and see what becomes of the RCMP Investigation into this very disturbing set of corruption allegations against the UCP party.

In the meantime, remember under our Rule of Law, an accused is innocent until proven guilty. That said don’t be naive about what we already know about the UCP leadership campaign illegalities proven by Elections Alberta.

What Will Premier Kenney Do to the Office of Election Commissioner?

There is no evidence yet that the illegal campaign contributions to the Callaway-Kenney Kamikaze campaign uncovered by the Election Commissioner have any direct personal ties to Mr. Kenney.  The same can be said of Mr Kenney in the RCMP Serious Crimes Unit investigation of the voter suppression fake email PIN fraud in the UCP Leadership selection process.  However these activities are far from over and the investigations continue.

Will Premier Kenney, as part of the transition and given the usual purging of agencies, boards and commissions by new governments, will Premier Kenney eliminate the Office of the Election Commissioner.  Will he fire the Commissioner first, effectively killing the continuing investigations into the UCP leadership campaign financial illegalities around the Callaway donor contributions?

Some would see such a move to kill the Elections Alberta investigations as “Trumpish” in  findings of the Mueller Special Counsel Investigation.  The consequences of such a move by Premier Kenney would be to see serious considerations by many about taking legal action to stop such a potential abuse of power by the new Premier.  As of this writing, there is no indication that Premier Kenney would be so foolish as to take any action to kill, stifle or otherwise interfere with the independent work of Elections Alberta.  However, if the pending Callaway Court application results in a finding of bias by the Office of Election Commissioner, that would be another matter altogether.

If Premier Kennedy has nothing to hide, and wants to get to the bottom of the Callaway campaign contribution illegalities and to cleanse his leadership victory of suspicions of legitimacy, he will let the investigations take their course.  To do otherwise would raise serious questions about the legitimacy of his UCP leadership victory and his status as Premier in the minds of most Albertans.

The other point worth noting is that Premier Kenney can’t do anything to stop the criminal fraud investigations into the UCP leadership fake email voting process that selected him as party leader.  That will take its course and the evidence will be followed up and take the RCMP wherever it leads them, charges or not.

Stay Tuned…This is Far From Over.

For a more detailed description of the state of all these disturbing developments about the UCP, its Leadership selection process and how it was conducted, read this excellent CBC Investigative Journalism piece. And stay tuned to these matters. It matters greatly to the integrity of our political culture and possibly the strength of our Democracy.

Fraudulent emails used to cast votes in UCP leadership race, CBC finds

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