Why our rule of law is a thing to cherish

Here is an op-ed by a former Federal Conservative cabinet Minister that is worth a read.

It is in context about the Rule of Law and SNC Lavalin. It is more than that.

It is a reminder as to why we need to elect people who are clearly principled and self aware.

We have a lot of focus on leadership politics in our political culture. That’s because there is way too much political power concentrated in the person in that office.

We elect individuals at the constituency level to represent us but not just around local concerns. We need them to bring their best selves to the role as lawmakers.

We need to think about who we elect and empower to be persons as lawmakers.

If we are not careful we endanger democracy and could be forfeiting our personal freedoms as we jeopardize the Rule of Law.

It election time. Be careful who you vote for. You might elect them.

Why our rule of law is a thing to cherish

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