Jason Kenney has a Very Bad, No Good Week

The Disaster Duo

There has been a lot written by other media and bloggers on just how bad the past week was for Jason Kenney.   I won’t rehash them here but recommend this summary including the CBC Edmonton podcast the Ledge embedded in the post is worth a listen too.

Kenney is still being haunted by the growing and increasingly serious allegations of corruption in his UCP Leadership campaign.  Thuggery and creepy videos on an internal enemy (Prab Gill) and the ironic accusation of a “lack of being forthcoming” on his donations to the Jeff Callaway so-call “kamikaze”leadership candidate.

Ironically Kenney has still stonewalled on the release of the names of his dark money big dollar donors in his own leadership campaign. That all lead to the UCP (meaning Kenney) cancellation of a well-known nominated candidate and accomplished Conservative organizer.

Then there is the uptake of Trumpian tactics by making a very condescending statement about women, this time in politics, and, ironically again, on International Women’s Day.  That was followed by Kenney denying what he said, even in the face of  on the record recordings.  He followed that by gaslighting, especially to his Base, and went more Trumpian by blaming the media for raising the issue at all. 

There is nothing to justify voting for the UCP given these autocratic cum totalitarian tendencies of the Kenney controlled cabal.

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