Are Alberta Energy Companies Disengaged?

Albertans own our provincially based energy resources.  We live and compete in a global energy economy.

The energy companies to whom we lease access and enter into joint ventures with to develop our resources need to be worldly informed and aggressively engaged.

This opinion piece out of CBC Calgary make me wonder if all of our energy companies are on the ball on these matters.  Clearly some showed up in Houston at CERAWeek to participate and keep current..but not enough.

If we don’t have competitive companies we can’t grow our industry responsibly and efficiently.  We need them to be talking to the global investment community at events like theses.  We need them to work with our government and explain the Alberta investment potential. We need them reassure and prove their ability to deliver projects on time and on budget with safe and sustainability.

We need them to show we are competitive environmentally, with a skilled workforce and policy support for doing energy development responsibly.

Being indifferent is not an option.

Read more and let me know what you think!

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