Albertans Can Easily Track Partisan Political Promises.

There is so much to keep on top of in a 28 day election campaign.  We are already well into Week #1 and there are lots of policy promises.

Being informed is more complex and time consuming.  However there are sources to help us keep current and be comprehensive on the issues and party positions.

Here is the CBC link to Track the Issues.

Here is link to Global New Fact Checker.

I recommend you bookmark these sites and check in every day for a few minutes to see what is going on in your election.  It is our election. It does not belong to the political parties or their Leaders.

Lastly, if you want to know where your values align with the various Alberta Political Parties, there is the CBC Vote Compass.  It’s seemingly scientific but do be a bit skeptical.

Keep beating on your Citizenship drum to make Alberta better by your political choices.

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