Will We Have a Circus or a Purpose in the Next Election?

The Political Theatre in the States is Hotter and Dumber than in Canada.  We are not immune.  We can’t be smug and superior about our more tolerant inclusive, tolerant and progressive political culture. 

We see the destructive impact of the Yellow Vests in Alberta.  We have to denounce them.  We have have to be activists and stop these extremist elements.  They are infiltrating the Base of Conservative Party politics. 

I do not overstate the Yellow Vest threat.  Any objective study of Populism that is taking hold around the planet will provide supportive evidence that there are real dangers  to democracy by this group.

We can see the impacts of this political toxicity creeping across our border as well.  It’s enabled by Canadian Conservative leaders, Think Tanks and right-wing Influentials who are keen to bring Trumpism into our politics.

A compelling pre-ballot question for Canadians, and especially Albertans, is are we going to have a  hyper-partisan circus or a good governance purpose in our political culture? The CPC Federally and UCP Provincially are all about a Trumpist Circus.  They are bring much of the hate, bigotry, racism and power abuses across into Canada and Alberta.

They are determined to take Control of the narrative, including normalizing the vile Yellow Vest hate, racism and bigotry.  I see the Yellow Vest as the Canadian equivalent of the American Tea Party movement.  They took over and radicalized the Republican Party.

The Yellow Vest movement is the exact opposite of bringing Aggressive Progressive positive change into Alberta’s political future.  They do seem to be applying the same principles as the Reboot Alberta initiative, those of Control- Alt-Delete, but for negative purpose.

They want to be the Alternative political option to the NDP Left and Alberta Parey Progressives. They are acting like the American ALT RIGHT. white supremacists.

They want to Delete single payer universal health care & to replace public education with for profit non-inclusive religious & private schools.

They also want to Delete all climate change efforts especially the recognized best policy option for creating real change, pricing carbon emissions.

Progressive Albertans are waking up to this Americanization of our Politics by Conservatives. What will we do to stop it?

We Progressives must get organized if we are to move Alberta forward to responsible, sustainable and resilient prosperity. Lets get beyond old-style Base Pandering Left vs Right political games.  Let’s set a Progressive future-forward course for our Province. 

It is critical to denounce any political party, elected representative or candidate, radical Influentials and extremists organizations that are antagonistic and opposed to centrist progressive values.

It’s election time in Alberta. Get informed on the various party positions on issues that matter to you. Get involved, volunteer on a campaign and write a cheque to a candidate or a party you support.

In short, dust off your citizenship and become an Aggressive Progressive. Politics is run and governments are selected by those who show up and vote.

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