Mr. Kenney is Getting Nervous?

Nervous Jason


UCP leader Jason Kenney calls in NDP for an early election call in February for a March 2019 vote.

He claims polls show NDP has lost confidence of Albertans and they should just step aside and let him take over.

He claims the next NDP budget won’t be popular and ignores the deficit is coming down as the economy continues to recover.

He makes some cherry-picked economic observations, that may be true, about our difficult current reality. I won’t take him at face value. His past recorded of lies and misleading comments proves he doesn’t deserve any benefit of the doubt on anything he says.

Here’s the problem with this Twitter video clip. First it’s on Twitter. No news conference where he can be questioned. Very cowardly. A pander to his Base, nothing serious enough to be considered as anything other than political tactics.

He ignores the economic turnaround that is happening, slowly but surely. These countervailing facts undermine his inaccurate sky-is-falling narrative.

The oil production cuts are having positive impact on differential spread and higher prices.

He offers no alternative policy approaches to say what the UCP would do and verifiable evidence on how it would be better, under the circumstances, mostly things where Alberta politicians have no control

He knows the methodology on all Alberta polls are unscientific, therefore unreliable to down right bogus at times. They are not random, not representative of our demographics. Voting preferences so far from an actual election are also totally irrelevant to reality.

There is a rising awareness amongst Albertans of the serious UCP flaws in their social, environment, ethical and moral character, as a party and in too many individual cases.

The truth is the only way for the UCP to go is down. They likely have internal polling, undoubtedly paid for by dark or dirty PAC money, that tells them they are in trouble and it only gets worse over time.

So rather than present an alternative vision and plan, Kenney just takes a cheap trick political posture…he demands Alberta have an early election.

Bottom line, this is the action of a nervous man who fears the future and what it will do to his personal power pursuit.  Check out Mr. Kenney’s Twitter video


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