UCP (Used Car Party) Throws Money Around, but Not the Only Ones

There is an official Elections Alberta list of donors to the Kenney/UCP  supporting Political Action Committee; Shaping Alberta’s Future.  This is the group flooding  us with radio, newspaper and other advertisements, all  before December 1 legal deadline.  That is when they have to be more accountable and restrained by election financing law.  But for know its the wild west.  Here is the link to the list



This is not the only group taking advantage of the ability to spend unlimited money on campaign-style advertising before the law required Dec 1 deadline.  The Alberta Federation of Labour is running NDP sympathetic TV ads on issues as is Project Alberta.

I’m not suggesting a boycott of these businesses or organizations behind theses influence campaigns, or anything like that.  I just think Albertans would be better informed and accountability better served if there was full disclosure. I hold the for all businesses and groups who are acting legally for now, but outside the spirit and intent of responsible and (insufficiently) regulated third-party political advertising laws.

Let’s accept that we are in perpetual political campaign mode with 24-hour news cycle, social media impacts and special interest groups engagement and advocacy.  So lets make sure the disclosure,  transparency and accountability of the PACs in real-time, detailed and in the public interest, not just partisan or self-interests.

What do you think?

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