Alberta Election 2019

Albertans can expect to be going to the polls sometime between March and May 2019.  Political Parties are well into preparation by raising funds, nominating candidates, holding policy conventions and constructing election platforms.

Dave Cournoyer is a great writer and seasoned political watcher living in Edmonton. He blogs at  He is a fellow you should also be reading for a thoughtful left of centre perspective on our politics.

One of the challenges in getting citizens interested, engaged and informed about their political culture, is the time it takes to get details on the candidates running in their constituencies. Dave helps you overcome that problem.  He takes the time to provide a vital public service to Alberta citizens.  He keeps a running tally on who is nominated and where they are running for the various political parties in Alberta.

Here is a link to his listing of nominated candidates, their party affiliation and their various contact points from websites to Facebook pages, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

If you don’t know your constituency, don’t worry, more help is on the way. Elections Alberta has an app that will tell you what constituency you live in and who is your current MLA. Now that you have this information, just a click away, here is what else you can do to be a better informed and engaged citizen.

  • Check out these links and find what is happening in the candidate nomination process in your constituency.  Revisit often if a full slate of candidates is not yet nominated.
  • Follow the candidates in your constituency on Twitter and Facebook and save links to their websites and the websites of their political party affiliation.  You can keep current on what’s happening on a real-time basis or at your convenience.
  • You can also share with them some useful on-line feedback on issues and concerns you have in your community, your work, your business, your family and yourself….as you wish.
  • What’s even more you can see what others in your community are thinking, feeling, talking and doing as citizen participants in the political culture of our province.
  • If you find a candidate you want to support then contact them.  Volunteer some time and write a tax-deductible cheque to their campaign. Democracy doesn’t grow on trees. and does survive on indifference.

Thanks Dave for keeping us current on the candidates, much appreciated.


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